Tips for Creating Menus for Healthy Profits

Did you know?

  • In our busy world, many people eat out at least one meal per day
  • Restaurant meals can be high in calories and sodium
  • Having nutritious menu items is key to helping customers make healthier choices when they eat out
  • You are important in supporting your customers with healthy eating

What would make my menu healthier?

Key Considerations for Entrée Items:

  • Aim for 750 calories and 750mg of sodium
  • Use no artificial trans fats
  • Use healthier cooking techniques (e.g. grilling, poaching, steaming)
  • Incorporate at least 2 servings* of ‘Vegetables and Fruit’
  • Use the plate model:
    • Vegetables: Fill half of your plate with vegetables.
    • Grain Products: Fill one quarter of your plate with grain products.
    • Meat & Alternatives: Fill one quarter of your plate with meat and alternatives.
    • Add a fruit and a glass of milk to complete your healthy meal!

*Servings as per Canada’s Food Guide standards

How can you maximize the nutritional impact of your menu?

When planning your menu, use:

  • dark, richly coloured vegetables and fruit (e.g. baby spinach instead of iceberg lettuce)
  • whole grains and whole grain products
  • alternatives to meat such as eggs, beans, lentils, tofu
  • mainly heart healthy oils
  • Ontario seasonal produce, more often