Tips for Dining Out

young couple having lunch

Enjoy your company

Put utensils down between bites, sip on water and engage in good conversation.

Check your portion size

Restaurant portions are generally very large, which can cause you to eat more than you normally would. Ask for half portions or consider sharing your meal.  Request a to-go container right when you order, that way half of your meal is packed away before it even hits your plate.

Look for healthier choices

Scan menus for words that suggest healthier food preparation methods such as steamed, broiled, grilled, roasted, poached and baked.

Watch out for “healthy-sounding” dishes

Salads are generally great choices but toppings such as dressings, croutons, cheese, and bacon can add calories and sodium.

Plan ahead

Take a look at the restaurants menu on their website before you go. Search for options that are high in fibre, protein and nutrients and lower in calories, sodium and unhealthy fats.

Learn more about making healthier choices when dining out.