Why do we have to guess?

The oh so popular chicken wrap…it seems it’s on every restaurant menu these days. But is it always a healthy choice?

That depends on where you go out to eat…

One of the below chicken wraps has twice as many calories and three times as much sodium as the other.


Here’s another version that one of our Savvy Diner Sleuths found:


The wrap alone has 1050 calories and 2790 mg of sodium (the fries add an additional 300 calories and 690 mg of sodium).

Could you have guessed?

Menu labelling is about being able to choose and not guess what you’re eating.

It’s time to make it easier for you to find the information you need to make an informed decision.


The Average Sit Down Restaurant Meal has what in it?

We think you’ll be surprised to find out that the average meal in a Canadian sit down restaurant chain has about 1130 calories and 2260 milligrams of sodium… that’s more than half the calories and 1.5 times the sodium you need in a whole day.


We’re not making these numbers up! Researchers at the University of Toronto analyzed the nutritional profile of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals from Canadian sit down restaurants and published these shocking results.

Here’s an example of a salad that comes in at 1300 calories and 2470 mg of sodium.

And who would think that a starter Caesar salad and an order of spaghetti and meatballs could add up to over 1900 calories and 3100 mg of sodium?


Wouldn’t menu labelling help you  make an informed choice?