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A next step in a Healthy Eating Strategy for Canada is happening now! Health Canada’s Call for Information on Sodium Reduction Initiatives in the Canadian Foodservices Sector is currently open.

As you know from being a Savvy Diner follower, restaurant meals are often much higher in sodium than meals made at home. Excess sodium intake can increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and chronic diseases such as heart or kidney disease. Health Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy, published in October 2016, commits to reduce sodium in food prepared or served in foodservice establishments by developing sodium reduction targets for the foodservices sector.

Health Canada is looking for input on sodium reduction from foodservice stakeholders, so please consider passing this information on to those who can be influential. Through this call for information, Health Canada aims to:

  • Better understand the various stakeholders’ roles, activities, and challenges around sodium reduction
  • identify existing tools that support sodium reduction in the foodservice sector
  • identify research gaps and opportunities for sodium reduction in this sector

Toronto Public Health believes that transparency about the sodium content of restaurant meals through menu labelling could serve to encourage large chain restaurants to reformulate menu items to be lower in sodium. Stakeholder input on how the sodium content of restaurant meals could be reduced could play a powerful role in helping to shape future federal policy on this important public health issue!

saltThe consultation is open until November 20, 2017. To participate, complete the online questionnaire before the deadline.


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