Revealing facts about calories on menus

They’re in your food. Now they’re on your menus. See them for what they are.

Calories Revealed MOHLTC 2017 campaign

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care has recently launched this campaign to increase awareness about new menu labelling legislation and to encourage parents, and youth in particular, to make healthier choices when dining out. Watch the video and visit Calories Revealed to find out more.

With obesity and chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease continuing to rise, being able to make informed choices when dining out has never been more important.  Posting calories on menus is an important tool to help people decide and select healthier options.  We know that eating healthier foods and a balanced diet is just as important, if not more so, than how many calories you consume. So now, Toronto Public Health is working on finding way to improve the quality of the foods you eat when eating out by collaborating with the restaurant industry as well as other key stakeholders that influence your food environment.

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