Bill 45 – Are you ready?

Menu labelling is coming soon to restaurant chains in Ontario 

savvydinersamplemenurev4Beginning January 1st, 2017 Ontario will be the first province in Canada to mandate calorie postings on menus. This is great news as many of us want to make healthier food choices when dining out!

Bill 45 requires that all restaurants and food service establishments in Ontario with 20 locations or more post the number of calories for each food and beverage item on their menu or menu board. They will also be required to display the recommended daily calorie requirements to help consumers make informed choices. This applies to all large food chain restaurants including locations such as fast food restaurants, movie theatres, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Helping Ontario residents make healthier choices is a big investment toward improving the overall health of our population. The implementation of Bill 45, Healthy Menu Choices Act is a big step and we commend the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for making this happen.

Learn more about the implementation and requirements for Bill 45.

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